Attention keyholders: Invoice Due April 23

Attention keyholders: the annual DisplayKEY invoice for $141.14 is due by April 23, 2013. You may visit or you may call SUPRA at 877-699-6787 to pay the fee. If you have insurance on your key, you will also be invoiced the annual $25 fee; this fee may be billed separately. If you no longer wish to insure your key, you can elect not to pay the $25 but please be advised: if your key is lost or stolen and you do not have insurance, the replacement fee is $150 + tax (if you would like to check to see if you have insurance, please call WSRAR, 336-768-5560; if you would like to add insurance to your key, please bring your key to WSRAR and we can collect the $25 from you.) If you no longer wish to lease the key, please return the key and the cradle to the WSRAR office before April 23, 2013.