Matrix™ is now available for use in parallel with Tempo/Fusion!

Click here for a printable version of this information.

Triad MLS is pleased to announce that Matrix™ is now available to all Triad MLS members by going to and entering your existing user name and password.

A BIG thing to remember: All Add/Edit functions will continue in Tempo/Fusion (during our parallel period) UNTIL our cut-over in early March 2015.

Please try and utilize all available resource material (User Guides and Video Tutorials) prior to contacting Triad MLS. Should you need assistance not found in those guides, please email with your questions.

Please note these resources available to you within Matrix™ that will assist you in getting started!

  • When you log in to Matrix™ for the first time, please note the ‘Tabs’ across the top. When you click on Help, click on the “Transition to Matrix™” down arrow which will expand to reveal the Triad MLS Transition to Matrix™ Resource Guide. This is an excellent starting point and should help you understand the BIG difference between our current platforms and Matrix™.
  • Also under the Help Tab are:
    • Matrix™ Training Guides
      • Teams Function
      • Portal Quick Start Guide
      • Matrix™ Quick Start Guide
    • Matrix™ Video Tutorials
      • Overview Video Tutorial
      • Search Video Tutorials
      • Carts Video Tutorials
      • Input Video Tutorials (Not relevant until we implement listing maintenance in
      • early March 2015)
      • Portal Video Tutorials
      • CMA Video Tutorials
      • Stats Video Tutorials (Stats currently in development so you may not see all
      • aspects yet)
      • Hot Sheet Report
      • Contacts Tutorial
  • Resources Tab
    • Here you will find access to the Triad MLS Message of the Day
    • Links to County Tax sites, Real Estate News, School Locators, County Register of Deeds, NCDOT, etc.

Matrix™ is accessible from all popular web browsers, operating systems and platforms, providing the versatility demanded by today’s real estate community. Use Matrix™ from your PC- or Mac-based desktop, laptop, or tablet, including Apple® Mac® and iPad™ products.

Keep tuned to our Message of the Day and communications from your local Associations as we will continue to update you about upcoming training events!