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2021 MLS Chair: Terry Hedrick, Hedrick Redfearn Street Real Estate | 336-407-3066
2021 Vice Chair: Walt Kinsey, Kinsey Real Estate | 336-793-2535


Attention all MLS members: please review your MLS profile to be sure it is complete and accurate. If you need any additions or corrections made, please email Also, if you have not added your picture to your profile, please do so. This picture appears on and if you share the TriadMLS2Go app with your clients so they can search listings on the go, your picture is what will appear as the icon on your clients’ smartphone! The photo will also appear on flyers you generate through rDesk (remember: rDesk has 61 flyers available for your use!) If you need assistance adding your picture to the MLS, please email (Brokers-in-charge, please be sure you have added the company logo as well. Please email for assistance.)


Coming Soon-No Show Status

  • Listing in Coming Soon-No Show status are not “pocket listings”.  ALL Triad MLS subscribers can view them.
  • Properties in Coming Soon-No Show status are NOT to be shown.  Use Coming Soon-No Show status when you have a signed listing agreement for a property that needs some minor updates (small repairs, new paint, flooring, etc.) before it is ready to be shown.
  • The existing List / Marketing Date field and the entry in that field govern whether a listing goes immediately to Active or Coming Soon-No Show.
    • The list agent can enter a future date in the List / Marketing Date field no more than 21 days from current date.
    • At the end of that period, the listing will automatically go to Active status.
    • If the property is ready earlier than anticipated than that future List / Marketing Date, you can manually change the status by editing the listing and modifying the List / Marketing Date field to the current date.
  • Since these listings are not yet ready to be shown, they are NOT syndicated to any public facing real estate websites.  Listings under Coming Soon-No Show status are accessible to Triad MLS subscribers ONLY.  Listings in Coming Soon-No Show status must receive seller approval.  Use the “Triad MLS Coming Soon-No Show Seller Authorization form” which can be attached to the listing in Matrix.  Like the Listing agreement, this document must be available upon request by your local association.
  • We’re configuring ShowingTime to allow appointments to be made on the anticipated active date.
    • Appointments will be able to be made in advance with ShowingTime for the day the property will become active.
      • In other words, buyer’s agents are able to set appointments on the date the listing will go Active from Coming Soon.  ShowingTime will NOT allow any appointments to be made during the Coming Soon-No Show period.
      • If the listing is activated prior to the end date specified in the listing agreement, the listing agent can send an announcement to all the agents who have prescheduled appointments through the ShowingTime broadcast functionality

COMING SOON: What’s Allowed and What’s Not
COMING SOON RULES: Broker Communication
Triad MLS Coming Soon Seller Authorization Form


Q&A on Syndication

  1. I keep hearing about “listing syndication” but what does it mean?
  2. The short answer is that listing syndication means exporting MLS listing data to third party websites.
  1. What is this new syndication dashboard I’ve heard about?
  2. The dashboard, which is only open to those with “Head Broker” rights in Matrix (typically the broker-in-charge), allows offices to send listings to, ListingBook, and the Greensboro News & Record. Of those selections, the only one with an additional fee is the Greensboro News & Record. If your office has not yet completed the dashboard, the Head Broker may call Triad MLS for assistance: 336-841-1337.
  1. Are those the only four sites that receive listing data from Triad MLS?
  2. There are many other sites that receive data through ListHub. The office Head Broker may log onto to review those sites. Most do not charge an additional fee to display data but each site should be reviewed carefully.
  1. What about Zillow and Trulia?
  2.  If your office would like to syndicate listings to Zillow and Trulia, the Head Broker can complete a Broker Data Release agreement with Triad MLS. This agreement and additional information may be found under the Resources tab in Matrix.
  1. What about sharing my listings on other office’s websites?
  2. This is managed through an “IDX” (Internet Data Access) agreement. This agreement may be found under the Resources tab in Matrix. If you have any questions about possible costs involved with IDX participation, please call Triad MLS: 336-841-1337.
  1. Do I have to do anything special during add/edit in order for my listings to syndicate to these sites?
  2. You must select Internet = Yes and Allow AVMs = Yes. And as always, you should carefully review your listings to be sure they are accurate and complete. They will shortly be on the world’s stage!
  1. Is “more better”? Is there an advantage to sending my listings to all available sites?
  2. That is a decision for you, your office and your sellers to make. It is a complicated decision because all sites are different with regards to data accuracy, data display and whether leads will come directly back to you, the listing agent. We recommend you make your decisions carefully and review them regularly to be sure they remain in alignment with your core business practices and objectives.
  1. Where can I go for more information?


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